Big Bucket Of WAM! Ultimate Food Splosh

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Bad Dolly

British / England
294 5.0
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eyemblacksheep - Top reviewer Aug 4
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oh, I just love it - a nice horrible bucket... brilliant :)

I'm wearing a sexy tight PVC dress and I've got a naughty twinkle in my eye! Watch me fill a big bucket with a whole host of messy sloppy foods! I crack eggs one by one, scoop in thick lumpy gravy and litres of custard. I add some tins of mushy peas, beans and spaghetti hoops to my huge bucket of mess! After admiring all the mess in the bucket and mixing if up with my hands, making sure all the substances are nice and mixed can you guess what I do next?! I lift the big bucket high over my head an empty out all the contents, watch the food and slime dribble down my hair and face covering my body. I stand up and you can see all the beans peas eggs etc dribbling down my bare legs, pouring out the bottom of my dress