Cream Machine



American / U.S.A.
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Leslie submits to some preparatory rope wear and extended ass play (oiling, rimming and plugging) before the main event oozes onto the screen for a delicious, delectable POV pussy-fucking from behind that will immediately become one of your all-time favorite clips! As Marc begins pumping this sexy MILF's exposed and rope-encircled pussy from behind, the frothy cream emitted from her gape slowly and steadily grows to dominate the shot, coating the exposed end of her black vinyl buttplug, and leaving a thick, glutinous sheen that makes his engorged, veiny manhood glisten and gleam. You'll love her whimpers and moans as he fucks her into sub-space, and be sure to join in when he drops his thick/heavy rope of cum all across this masturbating beauty's jiggling mammaries