Your Bisexual Fantasy

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tjg274 Jul 24
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Amazing dirty talk. Keep the content like this coming! Came so hard!

Your dream is coming true today. YES. Yes, I will go out with you. Finally! In fact, all of your fantasies are coming true today. Not only will I go out with you, you are also going to get laid tonight. By the person of your dreams. No, not me silly. I'm just along as your Domme. You and I are going out tonight so you can finally fuck another man. You've fantasized about it so often, its time to take action. Its time for you to feel a dick in your hungry whore mouth. I want to see the look of rapture on your face as you greedily suck semen from some hot stud's cock. Doesn't that sound like such fun? Let's find some random hunk and turn him into you're very own faggot buffet. Oh, we're going to have a blast tonight