Fetish Fun Time POV



American / U.S.A.
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In this fully POV feature, Leslie decides to go almost totally au naturale, except for her vinyl kitty hood and one of her favorite butt plugs. To begin the action, both Les and playmate Marc take turns inserting plugs up each other's anuses, and after she gets a huge one shoved up his spread-eagled sphincter, it quickly becomes suck-and-fuck time! First, Leslie sucks his cock to full erection and rides it reverse cowgirl--you'll love the devilish, naughty smiles and eye contact she makes with the camera while sucking his rigid member! Then after some more cock-riding with her ass to the cam, Leslie lies back to pleasure herself with her favorite pink vibrator. As she moans and begs for Marc to masturbate and cum all over her, she doesn't have to wait long. Soon thereafter, he dumps a huge load of hot jizz all over her chest and shoulder--and we provide all the fun to you in a hot, exciting slow-motion shot of the finish