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Perpetually horny MILF Leslie strips down to nothing but her small fetish mask for this special stretch-and-fuck session with her favorite dom and play-partner Marc. After reclining to assume a spread-eagle position, Les gets her pussy eaten and her tight little spincter stretched/plugged in preparation for a rousing round of ball-slapping and ass-bouncing. So when she flips over to expose her large, upturned ass, the situation turns serious! Marc proceeds to keep that fat ass jiggling against his forceful thrusts and then lies back to soak in Leslie's impressive reverse-cowgirl technique. You'll love watching her rotund, hungry ass play "hide-and-seek" with her dom's rigid cock. Finally, she lies back to vibe herself to orgasm while Marc drops an industrial-sized load of jizz across her exposed tits. You'll even get a special "slo-mo" replay of the big splash-down, so "money-shot" fans won't want to miss this episode