Daddy Shaved Me in the bath then Tasted

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232 5.0
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peecee2 - Top reviewer Apr 17 2017
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Very cool submissive shaving whilst standing.

Beautifully shot pussy/ass shaving and tasting in the bath, all pov sensual sexual and intimate, lake the wide angle camera take you to every private part of this younger girls truley exquisite tight toned body as you shave her pussy and sweet little ass i the bath. As she opens her self up for you turns round and spreads the delightful ass for you to get the razor in and clean off those little hairs, till she's smooth fresh and perfectly ready for a taste...really beautiful taboo video this. POV Sexual 'Pussy Shaving' part 2 of previously released 'Taboo Bath all parts 123, 35 m' (so don't buy if you have that one