Freebie Tuesday

Road Trip


Bettie Bondage

American / USA
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I've been talking to you about a mother-son road-trip for ages. You've finally agreed to go along! I'm so excited. I've been waiting for this for so long...of course, I'm prepared for exactly what I've always wanted from you. The first night of the trip, I get out my special concoction formulated just for you and see, I've been wanting to fuck you for so long, sweetie, and not just that, but I've wanted to feel my son's cock explode load after load of thick cum into my cunt! This is the perfect opportunity to spike your water with something to keep you fast out and rock hard! It works like a charm and in no time at all, you're to the world with a rock-hard boner for me to stroke, suck, fuck and make cum inside my pussy not once, but twice! It worked so well, I think I might have to do this every night for the next week of our trip! What a good boy you've been. Maybe by the end of it, I'll give you a little less so you can enjoy the view of Mom bouncing on your dick