Kay's third visit

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This is the third time I have fucked Kay on film. She phoned me in the morning saying that she needed cash fast and by the afternoon I had gone to her mums' house where she is living and brought her back to mine for a fuck session. Her mum doesn't know that her daughter fucks older men for cash, so she didn't manage to get a change of clothes out with in case she aroused suspicion, all she got was her make up bag. I watched Kay putting on her make up; don't ask me why, I just like watching girls do it. We then went upstairs to start the filming. Kay didn’t want to be filmed wearing the clothes she had arrived in so she stripped off. I was horny by this time, so Kay got on the bed on her hands and knees, stuck her arse in the air and I gave her a quick doggystyle fuck. Her pussy was wet and I slipped my cock straight inside her. The cameraman then arrived, so we did the shoot, with me fucking Kay in loads of positions. We finished off with me cumming in Kays' mouth; she didn't swallow but dribbled it out of her mouth. I think I will be fucking her again soon