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Alison Rey's Brake Failure HD

458 Views · aug 30, 2022
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A man cuts the brake line on Alison Rey's car. Later, she revs the engine and leaves, not seeing the brake fluid pooling on the driveway. While driving the BMW SUV, she notices the brakes feeling strange. Her flesh colored pumps push the brake pedal and she can't stop, running a red light. She tries testing the faulty brakes. If she floors the brake pedal, they sort of work. An intersection makes her nervous and her flesh colored heels frantically pedal pumps in a close call. When someone tries to get in front of her, she's terrified of the perilous outcome. Taking rights prevents her from having to stop at lights. Her long fingernails gripping the steering wheel doesn't ease her anxiety about turning left. The alternative of a steep hill seems like a bad idea! With her broken brakes, she finds side streets until she slows down. Getting out of her car, she's shocked to see a brake fluid puddle. Calling for help, she explains her car issues and how she was brake stomping, but nothing happened. She's dumbstruck to think someone cut the brake line! While talking, her flesh colored stilettos continue pumping pedals to figure out what happened.

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