Nude Crusader - Anabelle Pync

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This is a very campy custom and we hope that you enjoy it! <BR><BR> After playing with the Toymaster and forgetting her uniform, Batwoman sneaks in trying not to be seen by Batman (POV). Unfortunately he catches her, but she thinks that she can avoid punishment by oozing sex appeal. She lays down on her back, spreading her legs and has him look at her pussy after the Toy Master defiled her. Batman declares no more toys for her which alarms poor Batwoman. She touches herself trying to persuade him and Batman comes up with an idea. Since she was caught being sexually active on live tv, she will be fighting crime in the nude. Batwoman is shocked, but leaves to do her training. However as she is prone to distractions, she reclines on the couch and touches herself. As she looks up, she notices that the Batwoman sign has been changed to a fat pussy symbol. Surely she can fight crime even if nude. She is Batwoman! Later on, she is walking in a dark alley and encounters the Toy Master. Remembering their encounter she becomes horny and slips her hands between her moist legs. He mocks her and they try to fight because she is supposed to apprehend him. Unfortunately for her, her pussy distracts her and she has to pleasure herself at intervals during the fight. Her preoccupation with orgasms causes her to lose focus and weaken her resolve to win the fight. When she tries to kick him, he grabs her leg and slides his hand to her pussy. He vigorously fingers her and Batwoman can't control herself and moans while cumming. While she is being pleasured, she passes into an orgasmic numb state and when she awakens, she is back at his lair. Her legs are spread and Toy Master is licking and fingering her pussy. She can't resist giving into the orgasms. The climaxes make her cave and beg for more, and he places a vibrator on her. BatWoman thinks of how Batman has never pleased her like this! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS-Superheroine, supervillain, costumes, cosplay, male domination, damsel in distress, Batgirl, Bat Girl, FO, Anabelle Pync, Scott Torvea, blond, blonde, all natural, big tits, humiliation, SOuthern accent, Barbara Gordon, DID, finger fucking, oral sex