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Blowjob + Riding Cum / Mild Dirty Talk

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4,182 4.9
20:35 min - Apr 16 - .M4V - 1.47 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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tigerspider deleted Apr 16 2017

I'll review after I've watched in full and immersed myself in Bailee's extraordinary beauty and sensuality, but just one watch of the preview is all anyone really needs to know that this is the absolute must-own magnificent magnum opus masterpiece of ManyVids. Bailee is IMHSO absolute perfection and the white set, beautiful bare body, and striking green eyes and coppery mane and lady fur are simply dazzling. This promises to be everything every Bailee admire wants and everything new fans will need to lose themselves in adoration.

tigerspider deleted - Top reviewer Apr 18 2017
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Perfection. Masterpiece.
Bailee is the most beautiful woman in the world to me and this is powerful, passionate and perfect porn. I tend to be wordy as fuck and espouse myriad adjectives/adverbs, but I really have already told you all you need to know. Bailee is fucking hot and so is this special film. Bailee is so singularly stunning. Her enchanting and expressive face, flawless figure and unreal sensuality are showcased here in the ultimate twenty minutes of erotica. This video is beautifully shot and edited and features a simple aesthetic that allows you to devote your complete attention to Bailee's exquisite splendor and her explosively sexy performance. This video has wonderful angles and spectacular views. The action includes wonderful fingering of her divine derrière and the pièce de résistance is the mind blowing and ball emptying dildo riding fully facing the camera in "reverse cowgirl" position. This is the most glorious display of Bailee's exceptional loveliness as you marvel at her beauty including the fabulous coppery hair falling down back and shoulders and spreading between her legs, her unreal luscious body, and an unbelievable sexual performance. The dialogue is superb and extremely arousing. This is my favorite xxx film ever, and I'm a man who knows his porn. Bailee is a very special lady and this return to filmmaking after a short hiatus is work of astonishing arousing art.

Always Dandy May 7 2017
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Great video from start to finish, nice and slow to begin with then steadily increasing the speed jerking that cock off, finally to stop and say she can't handle it anymore, she needs to ride. Oh that timing when Bailee talks dirty is just right. I'm always a fan of a good dildo riding video and this is a great video, nice closeups slow and steady to fast an hard but wanting to savour it so she slows down. I would have loved to have seen a frontal view of her when riding at 14:34, but the end scene is well worth it anyway.

psychh Apr 18 2017
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amazing!! must have for all Bailee fans :) :)

curs0n Apr 17 2017
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The mix of cute, sexy, sensual, bliss, and beauty is almost too much to bear. There's just something magical about watching Bailee enjoy herself.
Beautiful contrast and balance between utter elegant sensuality and rawer sexiness. It's a great video, undisturbed by music and just overall well crafted.

The only flaw? Even though it's 20 minutes long, you really wouldn't want it to ever end.

Farfallah - Top reviewer Apr 17 2017
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It's been a while since beautiful Bailee uploaded a video but it was totally worth the wait. Simply amazing.

Esther Apr 17 2017
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great vid definitely worth the price. bailee looks elegant lots of eye contact. well made video

malol92 May 15 2017
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Bailey isnbery passionate when she does this. Really amazing performance and totally worth buying

alex11812822 deleted - Top reviewer Aug 13
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Sexy video with some pretty intense riding the I personally loved to see! There are some really sexy parts in this video that I can promise that everyone will love!

jarya5 - Top reviewer Dec 30
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I love this video so much! Bailee is so sexy throughout this video, but my favorite part has to be when she fingers her asshole while riding it and looks back at the camera. So fucking hot!

Completely nude, no music, no messing around. Just me, you, and some intense, quivering orgasms. Mild dirty talk throughout, some self tasting, ass/finger play and multiple angles/positions including some close ups. *Spoilers!: 0:00-5:30 Blowjob, 5:30-6:50 Teasing you with my wetness, 6:50-7:45 Dildo riding, 7:45-7:55 Close up riding, 7:55-10:20 Dildo riding + first cum, 10:20-11:40 Close up riding, 11:40-14:55 Riding w/ ass play, 14:55-15:37 Dildo riding, 15:37-20:34 Frontal dildo riding w/ clit rubbing climax