Dirty Double Dickdown

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alsleet777 - Top reviewer May 16
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The office slut is a boss ass bitch in Dirty Double Dickdown! Drop what you're doing and buy this video right now!

dsmooth Apr 28
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Excellent video. Guaranteed to have you cum all over the place in no time. She's the best!

This was a custom! Design yours with me at littlepuckpls @ gmail. Here is the synopsis ordered: "You are the receptionist for "Doctor Tim" a psychiatrist. You come to work early to find that Doctor Tim's brother "Major" is in the waiting room. You flirt with him and bring him a cup of coffee but trip and spill it down the front of your shirt and splash his pants. You berate yourself for being such a clumsy girl. You take off your top and ask him to take off his pants so you can clean them. You go to wipe the coffee of his lap noticing his huge cock...which gets you Really Excited. You ask if you can make up for the coffee mess while apologizing and wiping his lap, which has escalated to a sort of handjob. The coffee seems to be leaving a little sticky residue so you spit on his cock to help clean it up, giggling you mention how this totally looks like you guys are in a porno...you convince him to let you clean his cock off with your mouth, first nicely lapping at his cock then progressing into full on mouth fucking yourself. You Get Incredibly Sloppy! You spit, gag, blow spit bubbles, tongue slide, lip sliding all over his throbbing cock. Just then Doctor Tim walks in, with the cock still in your mouth you look over wide eyed for a moment, then get a slutty look on your face and finger gesture for Doctor Tim to come over. You explain to Major that you and Doctor Tim fuck regularly, and that it's time you get your bonus... a cock bonus. You suck them both off (two dildos one from each side of the screen) going back and forth sloppily, gagging, drooling, spitting all over their cocks for a bit, then you say "How bout you two put this slut on the spit roast". Scene Changes and you are Fucking One Dick and Sucking the Other...Truly A Slutty Receptionist On a Spitroast! Getting Dicked Down From Both Ends! Be wild, supremely slutty, and say filthy things that will Astound Me! You end it by coaxing them to cum all over you. One huge cumshot to the face that hits you in the forehead and runs all down your face, leaving it hang you go ass up face down and get a second huge cumshot all over your asshole and pussy. You moan excited cum still covering your face and ass. You think they should keep the clinic closed today and call over more of the Doctor's Friends." Featuring office clothes, lingerie, cumshot on face, cumshot on ass, filthy talk, dildo sucking then Double dick sucking, dildo fucking while sucking (spitroast), lots of spitplay, and incredible roleplay, just saying :p
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