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I'm such a fat sexy bunny i barley move anymore! No hopping around for me today instead i'm going to indulge myself in as much chocolate as possible! Chocolate milk is my absolute favorite a simple glass will not suffice I'm craving the entire carton! I grab my pink funnel and pour it taking huge gulps making sure i don't waste one drop. I Over filling my belly to the max until i can barley move let alone breathe! This is the best feeling in the world, pure ecstasy! I rub my huge tubby belly in pleasure moaning from how much my full belly is turning me on. I also lay back to rub my belly all the while you can see up my short black bunny skirt revealing my huge fat cunt with my fat pussy lips & fupa! I moan from how full my bursting gut is seductively rubbing it for you! I imagine you are there standing over me rubbing your throbbing hard dick to me until you give me the ultimate cream filling to finish my sweet snack ;) I hope you enjoy this video! My birthday is on Easter sunday today so I created this with extra love