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Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
7:03 min - Apr 16 - .MP4 - 405.44 MB - 1440x1080 HD


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Savannah is so happy to be home from work. She's had to fart so bad all day long. But she could never pass gas at the office! how mortifying! Plus since she is the boss if she accidentally farted in front of them she would be the laughing stock of the office, and nobody would respect her. She's been holding her farts in since lunch! Its already so hard with all her male bosses and her trying to make partner. She grimaces in pain and clutches her belly. Holding them in all day has made her tummy hurt. She tries to push out that backed up gas. It hurts so bad! She lets out a toot. Well at least there starting to come back out. She moans in pain and leans over letting out a long fart. Fuck, that was stinky but at least that helped with some of the pressure. Ugh, nobody know how hard it is! Walking around in heels all day, trying to act all put together and perfect. On the inside she was dying! All should could think about was how bad she had to fart. She gasps and lets out a nice loud one . She lies back on the couch rubbing her belly trying to find some relief. She lifts up her thong and jiggles her ass, trying to coax more farts out of her. That works real well as she farts 3 times in a row! It worked a little too well, they fucking reek! She knows it must have been that kale shake she had. Ever since she has been eating spinach and kale her farts always smell so rank! This is the 3rd time this week that's happened to her. She wishes she could just lock herself in her office and fart but her farts smell so bad and tend to linger that everyone would smell them! So instead she needs to come home and try to push out all her farts that have been marinating in there all day! She almost let one slip in front of her secretary today! She had to squeeze her ass cheeks so hard together to keep it from coming out! She bends over and hops up and down trying to get more gas out. She pushes real hard and you can see her asshole start to bud before a long, loud fart comes out. Whew! That one was so noxious she has to cover her face with a pillow. She feels better, but she knows there's more stuck in there. She is so bloated. She pushes her arms against her belly and bends over trying to get them all out