Barefoot Marshmallow Peeps Trample


Mistress Salem

Minneapolis & New York City
7:24 min - Apr 17 - .MP4 - 613.43 MB


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My slave girl and I got a lot of gifts for Easter but one gift We definitely didn't want were these marshmallow peeps! They gross Us out. But, they kind of remind Us of you... So today you are going to worship your Superior Goddess and My slave girl while We trample these peeps under Our bare feet, just like We would like to do to you! We pour an army of peeps, just like Our army of slaves, onto the ground. We mush and stomp Our feet into them, squishing them in between Our toes and trampling them into a mushed pile of marshmallow. There are many different angles and even POV shots from Salem of My slave girl smushing the peeps! Finally We are tired of smushing them so We stand up and stomp all over them!!! Worship the marshmallow mess stuck to Our soles after crushing them to bits in the sunlight so you can see every detail of Our feet. you wish you were stuck to Our soles! We humiliate Our peep slave army and relish in the delight of trampling them
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