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Escape Challenge Part 2 - Tomiko

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Tomiko has completed the first part of the Escape Challenge and is now on the floor waiting to complete the second. The saran wrap keeps her bound, but the tape insures that she is not getting out. The timer is set for 5 minutes and she tries to escape but can only roll over on her side. Tomiko tries using her feet as leverage, but there is only a slight amount of bending in her knees. Scott distracts her by tickling her feet, which makes her more determined to get out because he took her precious time away from her. The heat is getting to her and she is sweating underneath all of those layers. When Tomiko asks to be let loose, Scott says that she will lose the game ,which she does not want! Time to find out the punishment for not escaping! Scott cuts a hole in her encasement and tapes a vibrator against her sensitive clit. The sensation is overwhelming and her yelps turn into moans as the orgasms course through her body. When she says she cannot cum anymore, Scott takes it as his personal challenge and is able to make her cum more than she expected. Tomiko begs for it to stop, but Scott cannot help but push her to the extreme. When he has had his fun, the tape is cut off and Tomiko is spent. Guess another one loses the Escape Challenge! OTHER KEYWORDS-Challenges, , struggling, damsel in distress, escaping, sweat fetish, orgasms, tickling, red toe nails, humour, humor,  All natural, candid, FO, BO, Asian, Oriental, MILF, cougar, updo, bun, chignon, Tomiko, Scott Torvea