Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
9:21 min - Apr 17 - .MP4 - 403.16 MB


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In this epic part two update of "Harley Quinn Vs The Batman", Harley clearly has the upper hand. After out maneuvering him at every turn, Harley wraps her powerful thighs around the Bat's head in a crushing scissor-hold. She torments the bat in classic Harley Quinn style. She cuts off his air supply with her thick strong legs... As Bat desperately grasps for breath, she decides to change tactics and sits her big round ass right on to his face! Her cheeks are so thick it easily cuts off all air flow, slowly making the bat turn blue. She loves every part of it, mentioning how hot all this is making her, even sexually turning her on. She starts to strip down, revealing her perky breasts to the bat, teasing him and saying how hes always wondered what she really looks like. She laughs and does the same to the bat, viciously ripping his suit off and delivering some punishing blows to his gut. Now that he's naked, she works him over real good. Punching his ribs and stomping on his sternum. With the Bat out of breath, she has full access to his body and decides to really hit him where it hurts! By crushing his dick and balls underneath her sweaty feet. She then picks up her mallet and slams it down on his balls and face. Her evil laughter rings out as she plops all her weight down on his face! effectively s mothering out the bat as she continues to hit his balls with her mallet. He begs for mercy but Harley hears what she whats to hear... aka rip off his balls! She brutally tries to tear his balls off his body. She wrenches real hard tugging and tugging as the bat tries to screams out in great pain and agony! but they are muffled by her juicy fat ass. Unfortunately for the bat, everything he tries isn't working... Harley's just having too much fun and finally ask the bat if he wants to play nice instead? She can be nice to his balls if he wanted... Batman tries to nod in ultra agreement, she then grasps his dick and starts to kiss it. Then the kissing got a little more intense, she couldn't help but taking a tiny taste... After all, it's not everyday one lucky person can get a chance to taste a bat dick. Yum the bat's dick tastes real good! She cant help putting all of him in her mouth. Suddenly Harley was struck by inspiration! she should drain the bat of his manhood... Weakening him with pleasure... before she brutally drain him of his life