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Whip Cream Out the Ass

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1,265 5.0
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I love this video. Something so sexy about whipped cream enemas. And she really seems to enjoy it.

Bronado Jun 2
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I for one would eat the booty like groceries, Puck's videos are outstanding and of top tier quality, she is a master of teasing,dirty talk and making you finish to her vids 10/10

Scantily-clad in a hot pink nightie and shot up-close, I spread and wink my asshole at you, teasing you with ass shaking, slaps, and smiles. I decide I need a sweet treat and spray whip cream on my ass, rubbing it between my thick ass cheeks, and push a finger in and out my tight asshole...so I can suck all my sweet ass cream down, again and again! The next scene is a VERY up-close, but slightly outta focus, shot of whip cream spurting out my asshole like those ice creams from Mickey D's. The next scene is again back to hd and in focus and I lick the whip cream from my ass off my fingers again before dumping another round of thick cream from my hole! It pillows out my ass in a beautiful cloud shape and I lick it up again and spread it all over my thighs til they glisten. The last scene is slightly outta focus but it doesn't matter since the focus is on the whip cream literally projectiled at the screen, spraying like a geyser three times
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