I love America: Farting: Mandy Flores


Mandy Flores

American / Washington state
10:18 min - Apr 22 - .MP4 - 604.70 MB


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INCLUDES: FARTING - FACE SITTING - HUMILIATION - FEMALE DOMINATION - ASS HUMILIATION - ASS DOMINATION - ASSHOLE FETISH - ASS WORSHIP - INTERROGATION - ASS FETISH NUDE REVERSE BELT FACEFARTING video, the theme will be focused on terrorism, and that you are the justice for these fuckers. Long long time facesitwith your ass, and don't hesitate to be rude when using the belt, ass sit on him long and cruel, take him tighter like this he can't do anything and he's suffering more. lots of cruel verbal domination.. laughing when he's suffering. ass very close to his face when you are farting on him and don't hesitate to sit on him right after in the second which follows without waiting. Make him to submit, make him pay. You wont stop until you are convinced he's broken and make him declare that he loves america and is your slave now .....Mandy Flores