Fantasy Fuck: Your Boss

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324 5.0
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Jamietheprofit3 - Top reviewer Apr 17
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The perfect custom. Laci did everything I asked for and more. She would be the boss of my dreams.

Beans_Franken - Top reviewer Jul 12
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Usually I’m the boss but I’m ok with laci making an executive decision. Great video. Body it’s that only written about in legends!! #bossbish

Bigbadmike22 - Top reviewer Apr 20
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Pure perfection as always! If I ever have a boss this hot, I'm in trouble! Everything is just perfect about here, and it comes out in her vids, especially here. Watching her blow that BBC while looking into those gorgeous eyes is too much for any man to take! Def one of her best vids!!

Your boss calls you into her office and surprises you with a bonus for all your hard work. Contains a Cum Countdown, Roleplay, BJ, Creamy Pink Pussy