Kandie's 1st Squirt



American / Florida
4:14 min - Jun 15 - .MP4 - 124.44 MB


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I put my lovense lush vibrator to the test...on ULTRA HIGH. Usually used for my cam shows but never have i experienced the highest level of my toy! I have so far the best self inflicted orgasm of my life & this toy totally gets 5 stars in y book. I insert it inside of my super tight hole taking it in and out constantly teasing my clit. Eventually i reach the climax but decide that's not enough, it feels so good i must keep going! Once i take the lush out and place it on my clit i slowly finger my tight little hole until i squirt (totally unexpected) almost instantly i start squirting back to back which makes me so satisfied i couldn't stop laughing. Video is not edited so this is the raw uncut version which is why you see me cut the video off in the end lmaooo just ignore super awkward mistake but still GREAT VIDEO