Ruining it Twice

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Edge of Ruin

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218 5.0
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Heoss_ - Top reviewer Apr 17 2017
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I'm not sure you realize how hot this is for some of us internet pervs ;)
As an edge/orgasm denial enthusiast I can say this is an extremely nice video (REALLY high quality too).
At this point I'm almost tempted to ask for a "as many ruined orgasm as you can" video...
Thank you for sharing this ♥

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amazing, watching you get right on the edge of cumming is so hot. I don't know how you resist for so long your pussy twitches every time you touch it. great vid

By the time the video starts, I'd already been edging for a while. I edge for nearly 10 minutes constantly on the edge. I'd occasionally have to take away my toy and just use my fingers, but sometimes I was so close I could barely even touch it. You can see me jerk my fingers away as I just barely touch it and nearly launch myself over the edge. Finally I let you know that I plan to ruin my orgasm then tell you when I'm cumming as I pull the toy off and spread my pussy for you watch. My contractions go on for over 30 seconds during my first orgasm. It would've been a great orgasm if I hadn't ruined it! After a brief rest I immediately go for my second. No teasing, just seeing how quick I can make myself cum again and I tell you I'm going to ruin it before I do just that. Another perfectly good orgasm ruined when I pull away all of the stimulation at the last second! My clit gets so sensitive after I cum, even when I ruin it and you can see how I can barely touch it with my fingertip and shudder and squeak as I try to spread it open one last time so you can look at my frustrated clit. I tried something different this time with a few different angles. I also used a split screen during my orgasms so you can see my pussy convulsing from two different positions. 1080p - 60fps