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What My BF Doesn't Know Can't Hurt - P3

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Arrakis84 Aug 29 2017

Amazing lovely BBC cuckold video.
Your legs and feet so damn teasing addicting in sheer stockigns... dremaing of you in sheer nylon pantyhose, so that we can amdire your ass and pussy, through the silky sheer nylon fabric too.

maj6b9 Jun 19 2017

This is SO GOOD. Hope to see a part 4!

Fezzer May 11 2017

When is the fixed version due to be available?

princessberpl Jun 18 2017

It has been up since the day after this video came out ^_^

Loxycoxy Apr 17 2017

the video has too much lighting , but overall it was a good video .  for part 4 can the story be about bachelor party where the study partner gets another bbc to do DP on the girlfriend . and more cum play would be awesome for future videos.

princessberpl Apr 18 2017

The lighting of the video is actually fine - it is the problem with the quality. I detailed part of that at the end of my description. I will let everyone who has purchased it know when the updated/higher quality version comes out so that you can do a proper review. Unfortunately, ManyVids doesn't allow you to upload more than 2gb for the initial video, but gives you 5gb to replace it 24 hours after first upload. ^_^

Also, I do not accept free requests, sorry!

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MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Apr 19 2017
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The first thing I must say is that PrincessB.. looks so hot in this costume and the lighting shows off those big blue eyes.
Ok so I have to admit that I find some of the cuckolding dialog both funny and hot. Funny because I'm not into the cuckolding role play but its kind of hot hearing the dirty talk in that sweet but sexy voice. You also get some hot and fantastic views of her riding that big toy from behind. She uses it in her pussy as well as anally. I happen to love the overhead shots of that sweet pussy and those lips when their excited and wet.
You get shots of her long legged sexy body from many angles as well..
Its sexy, and funny if you have my twisted sense of humor like me, but always very sexy. Her videos keep me cumming back for more..... ok excuse the pun but I couldn't resist L)

princessberpl May 15 2017

Amazing review, it shows you can still enjoy a naughty roleplay like this even if you're not particularly into the dirty talk. Thank you so much! And of course you are always excused for the puns!! Hehe!

monkeytatz69 - Top reviewer Mar 22
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Truly an amazing video & fitting end to this trilogy. With that being said I finally have the complete set to enjoy!! Unless there is a part four on the horizon. Such a sexy, elegant & slutty outfit to. Made even better with PrincessBerpl gorgeous, stunning, & awe-inspiring body to. Along with her famous huge titties, superb dirty talking & naughty role-play. Such a huge messy creampie at the end too!! Also I loved the call-backs to the previous two videos as well. Which in turn not only made me watch them again but at the same time while watching this which I gotta say was challenging since all three videos are amazing. One can even say it was an overload of PrincessBerpl but I built a tolerance of sorts to handle watching all three videos at the same!! I can't wait to see what's next!!! ^_^

Johnnyboy844 Jun 21 2017
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Can i just say she is fucking hot! Im normally not into so much dialogue in a porn video but the way her sexy voice just says the dialogue makes it work. I love how she role plays, like where the camera is placed outside the bathroom door and she's being fucked. Easily my favorite moment. Even though you don't see much there, the role play is so good that you give in to the idea that there is a dick in her at that moment. Loved the vid and ima continue to cum to her.

iLoveCookiesAndPorn deleted - Top reviewer May 28 2017
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Princessberpl. The only woman in the world that is so fucking hot, that I didn't even think twice about dropping $60 on this particular video. All the angles and things I want are in this perfect video. I'm probably going to end up blind before I'll acquire every, single PrincessB video, but it's a personal goal. And this clip is the perfect starting point. Must...get...more...princessb...clips!

DrCube - Top reviewer Aug 31
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Simply said: the most arousing role playing I've seen on MV to date. Berpl is incredible at getting into characters and bringing them to life, a must see.

Atriex - Top reviewer Oct 15 2017
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Kinda wish this wasn't the end, but holy fuck is it just great!

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