Goddess Bubble Blowing Mesmerize

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Come into Our dream world. Two beautiful Goddesses blow bubbles all over you. My slave girl Cherry Bat is with Me and she needs some blowing practice anyway. Our divine mouths are mesmerizing. Our lips pucker and We blow bubbles onto your face and all over your body. The feeling of the bubbles popping on your skin is so sensual. We bring you in very close, and cover you with bubbles from above. It's so hot to be with Us. Being under the spell of two perfect Goddesses covering you with bubbles- every time they pop on your skin you twitch with arousal. The feeling We give you is like nothing else. The bubbles blow and pop all over you covering you putting you under a deep spell, soothing and relaxing every part of your body while We giggle and come closer to you, blowing bubbles all around, so you are surrounded by Our warm mesmerizing powerful energies and you relinquish yourself to Our giggling while enjoying the sensations of bubbles popping on your skin. Being underneath Us is where you belong