Brandy Wethorn First Anal



American / Madison, WI
22:35 min - Apr 19 - .MP4 - 262.86 MB

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Brandy Wethorn is a young 19 year old farm girl from Iowa who looks very innocent and average. Who would have guessed what a horny butt slut she is! In this her first adult video, she takes on Tom, an all-American guy from Wisconsin with a 9 inch cock. She takes his cock in her mouth with great fervor then rides it like a cowgirl. Tom decides to take control and slams his 9 inches into her in several positions. Finally she begs for him to put his cock in her ass and she takes all 9 inches deep in her ass. Tom can't take that very long and shoots a load of hot cum all over her ass. (running time 22:34