Babysitter Roleplay

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614 5.0
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peecee2 - Top reviewer Apr 17
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Two videos in one -- a great leggings-half-down clit bate with effective scene setting narration and in-character furtive glances, then a CMNF power imbalance role play in the second half. You get to watch Blue's pussy twitching as she cums, plus a creamy close up!

I'm baby sitting for my neighbour and have just put the kids to bed when I realise that I'm really horny so I find a quiet spot to masturbate with my bullet vibrator. All is well until the dad comes home early! Then he tells me I have to suck him off if I want to keep my job! Includes small amounts of dirty talking/ narrating. Tags: Roleplay, blackmail, fetish, fantasy, bj, blowjob, masturbation, solo, boy/ girl, b/g, vibrator, bullet vibrator, naughty, babysitter, petite, blue hair, dyed hair, tattoos, small boobs