Kaicee Marie at a private club

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This is the second shoot that I have done with Kaicee Marie. The first one was at my place where her dad brought her and I fucked her in my bedroom while he sat downstairs watching telly. This one was organised by Kaicee Marie and it was to be filmed in the Private Club in Birmingham. The cameraman and me went over on the day of the shoot and had to wait outside as Kaicee Marie was doing a private gangbang that wasn’t being filmed. Eventually the punters left and we went in. Kaicee Marie was stood in the hallway wearing her basque, no knickers, just the basque. I must admit I got a hard-on seeing her stood there with her pussy in full view, but at least I knew I was going to get a piece of it soon. Kaicee Marie showed me around the club to see where I wanted to do the shoot. For some reason I chose an old swimming pool! It’s been drained and carpets and settees put in it. The cameraman went to get the lights and camera equipment and I stayed behind to talk with Kaicee Marie. I so wanted to fuck her there and then and asked her if she would do me a favour and give me a quick blowjob. She dropped to her knees in front of me and unzipped my jeans and popped my cock into her mouth. She took the whole length all the way to my balls – it felt so fucking good. She fondled my balls with her hands; she knows how to please guys. She had to stop in case I blew my load, I was there to do a shoot after all and the cameraman came back with the gear. We set up and Kaicee Marie decided to put on a pair of knickers for the shoot. It was a brilliant shoot, we kissed and I played with her big tits, sucking and biting on her nipples, she likes that. The knickers came off quick enough and I fingered her pussy, getting her wet. She went down on me again, sucking my cock and playing with my balls. I then returned the favour by going down on her swollen clit, fuck, she was wet, I licked and tongued her pussy, getting deep inside her. She enjoyed that. We decided then that we had to fuck, Kaicee Marie sat on my cock, sliding up and down and she sure was wet and willing. I then turned her round so her arse was sticking up and I slipped into her pussy from behind, fucking her doggystyle. I fingered her arsehole as well for good measure, she enjoyed that too! We fucked for ages before I shot my load over her big tits. She licked my cock clean taking a mouthful of spunk for good measure