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WOW!! I totally forgot I had these gloryhole vids. These 3, staring Raven Black, Amber and Brittney was a ball to make. This was filmed a very long time ago when I first met Raven Black. I some how talked her into coming to San Francisco so we could film at a Gloryhole I had made in my house. I love going to adult theater Gloryholes. Over the years I have found some insane Sluts at Gloryholes. I managed to talk 2 other chicks I was fucking at the time to agree to be filmed, I changed their names cause they did not really want to be known. Hope the parents dont find out. It was hard but I did it. All 3 are hardcore Sluts that love to suck big cock and swallow cum. They love to gag, drool and deepthroat. I love this life and love that I can share it with those who are pervs like me. These Slut GO