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Puma619 Sep 10 2017
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This video is very xtreme...and love ur orgasm baby....pussy love this games...
By. Puma619

cenarules - Top reviewer May 6 2017
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I Got So Turned On Watching This :)

Simsjuly1976 Apr 19 2017
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Wow that was so sexy and hot and slowly done

One of my very sexy bi-sexual admirers asked me to shoot this seductive and sensual female orientated JOI video - wow how this video was such a turn on to create. It drove me wild telling another girl how to play with her pussy!! Just see how soaking wet my pussy gets and the thought of knowing you will be feeling the same pleasure as me, was just too much to handle, that got me edging so quickly!! I just had to share this hotness with you and add this to my collection for everyone to enjoy. I have edited all personal scenes out so you can fully enjoy the video. It all starts with me Wearing my chequered flannel shirt, with erotically ripped nylons and gorgeous red heels. Filmed in a low light POV shot in my bedroom, girlfriend experience with lots of hot, filthy talking, as well as talking you through how to play with your horny pussy and showing you just how I love to pleasure my soaking wet, pink pussy, lets both cum hard together!! Can you resist my sensual teasing and hold off from touching yourself until I say? Will you be able to follow my instructions all the way to the end? I hope you can as we can cum hard together
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