Banana Fuck

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3,372 5.0
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VicVaega Jul 13 2017

that shit is bananas.. b-a-n-a-n-a-s-s.. ;)

cueball88 - Top reviewer Jun 22 2017
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They say never mix food and sex, but Amber decides to do it anyway. Fucking herself and riding a banana giving you an amazing view of her perfect bubble butt. Finishing off with her spreading her ass.

albert286496 May 12 2017
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One of my favorite videos from her. The way she moans and fucks the banana is unbelievable

DrButthead May 10 2017
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That was very a-peeling. Love it.

monkeytatz69 - Top reviewer Apr 18 2017
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Another amazing video from Ambadawnn!! I love it when she moans when she rams anything hard in her tight asshole and of course those close up of her asshole after being stretched are always amazing. Another classic and now I won't be able to look at bananas the same way again without thinking of Amba fucking her asshole with one ;)

SofiaDark Apr 18 2017

Aw thank you very much 😘