MAY THAI: Suck Rim and Swallow

2,380 5.0

Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
2,380 5.0
22:08 min - Apr 17 - .MP4 - 1.58 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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ToasterMcToast - Top reviewer May 2 2017
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Girls this beautiful aren't usually this nasty :) This clip is hotter than hell.

Brandon Iron May 3 2017

Thank you for the feedback ToasterMcToast!  Glad you enjoyed May's vid! (V))

tim196 May 16 2017
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There is something about this girl that leads to an instant hard-on!! Her quiet and calm demeanor is also extremely appealing.....she just goes about her business managing to almost entirely swallow his cock.....nice encouragement helps of course. I would love to see more of May, such a beauty!

Brandon Iron May 16 2017

Thanks for the feedback, tim196!  Glad you enjoyed May's vid!  Cheers! (V))

MAY THAI: Suck Rim and Swallow (22:08 mins. 1920 x 1080) I met 20-year-old May during a visit to Prague. She enters the studio wearing a silver metallic micro bikini and high heels. She's here for a blowjob but is unsure about what kind of blowjob she wants to give today. She sucks my thumb. I undo her bikini bra strap and work my way south to her butt. Down comes the thong and she spreads her ass with both hands. Shaved pussy with a blue jewelled clit piercing. May drops to her knees to suck my cock and takes her time. You can't rush pleasure. Kisses on the outside of my shorts with wandering hands up and down my legs. When my dick pops out, she says, "Wow....surprise! Is it all for me?" Gentle kisses and caresses as she worships my cock with her mouth. Deep throat and tonsil tickling. She helps me undress and goes back to sucking, stroking, and licking my lingam. Double handed stroke-n-suck. She ties back her hair and really focuses her energy. Deep, hollow thuds resonate as I smack my engorged cock against her cheek. I push her head down to my ass and she rims with enthusiasm. More slow, sensuous sucking followed by more ass eating. "Give me your cum," she begs while licking my balls. I dump a liquid lunch onto her pink outstretched tongue and watch her play with it before swallowing. A final dollop of cream is squeezed onto her tongue and she eats it. We shake hands and she walks away, pausing one last time to blow a kiss to the camera. Off camera, I told May about a visit I made to Thailand over a decade ago. I bought a bright yellow t-shirt with the Thai words for "I love the King." Now that he has passed, I hail May as the new Queen. Long may she reign