The Discussion

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Darling, I think we're old enough to have "the discussion"... Do you agree with me? Come on, "what discussion" is not an answer, it's just another question. Ok, i'm gonna answer it instead. The discussion about sex and masturbation. I've looked through your internet history, boy, and I found only weird porn, BDSM , what the hell is that? And I understand your confusion, well, the Internet is full of weird and odd things that might attract you visually, but deeply you and me know that those are dirty perversions! I want teach you about normal sex and the natural need to masturbate. If you watch such things you'll become as perverted as the people who act in those movies, and I won't let my beloved boy to turn into a wicked individual. So I want you to put your cock out and masturbate as I guide you, trust your Mommy, your Mommy wants only the best for you. So I have to convince myself that you are doing it correctly. I just know you will pull it out and surprise yourself by doing it. And I don't want you to imagine perverted things, look, you have a beautiful sight of my boobs, squeeze it a bit as you rub it up and down. Look at my aroused nipples, they look like raspberry. Imagine that you're fucking a woman. A voluptuous one, like me, who's looking at your cock with strong desire and commands you to put it in her. Oh, I see your cock twitching to this naughty idea! Continue what you were doing, rub it, jerk it off up and down like you're in a hurry! Well, you really are, you have to prove to your Mother that you are a good normal boy, that she raised under her roof a man, not a perverted individual. For that you have to give up that big load of cum Mom is sure you keep in your balls. Let's do it together! 10, 9, 8, 7