Freebie Tuesday

My First Balloon Popping Session

11:49 min - Aug 03 - .MP4 - 619.07 MB


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Hi darlings! My name is Amedee Vause and you probably don't know me because I didn't film anything related to balloons, up until now, that is. To be honest, I considered I don't have enough breath to inflate them and I have a pathological fear of popping balloons, I am scared by the sound they produce when you pop them, like small grenades for my delicate ears! :)) The way I approach my fear is extremely funny: the faces I make, the fact that I scream every time I pop a balloon, my efforts to inflate them and, above all this, my laugh when I realize that all this is self-ironical, somehow. I pop five balloons in this video, two pink ones, one cherry-colored and two purple ones. I really had fun facing my fears and am having a good laugh about all this! Well, some of you, I just know, will look at the other "balloons", my beautiful titties. I'm not gonna pop those, that's sure! After every balloon I pop I have fun and laugh but I know I'm scared like of loud noises like these. This went quite smoothly on my opinion, though! Have fun