Ruin Your Life For Me

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your “worship” is not enough for me. i want more. i want everything. i want your entire life. in a relationship? don’t make me laugh. i am the only woman in your life. getting [***] with some friends this weekend? no you’re not. other than the bare essentials needed for survival, i am the only thing on which you should be spending your money. hobbies? extra-curricular activities? not if they take time away from me. not if they take money out of my pocket. it’s time you realize, that seemingly full life you have is bullshit. it’s time to focus on what’s important. it’s time to dedicate it all to me. and in the process you may burn a few bridges, hurt some feelings, but it’s for the best. it’s time you step up your game, become devoted, obsessed. it’s time you ruin your life for me