Squirting in the Kitchen

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3,442 5.0
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fjr1028 Jul 21

Intend on having pretty much all her videos but so far this video is what does it for me. She leaves a mess everywhere and it is a lovely mess. Best squirter video I've ever seen

Shadow_ovo Apr 19 2017


Exotic_boy - Top reviewer Oct 8
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My favourite by the moment, as she said, One of her best.
If you are into squirt, this is your video.
You can see her making the floor so wet, and slippery , while you listen how wet see is.

LarryB86 - Top reviewer Apr 22 2017
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Damn I love a sexy woman that can squirt

Teemo95 Aug 14
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Girls who can squirt is the most adorable and cutest ever!

moonman94 deleted - Top reviewer Jun 22 2017
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Holy squirt ! A fantastic video with a Gorgeous girl getting dirty in the kitchen.

Benster90 May 22 2017
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Hands down the best video I've ever seen! She is just so perfect and does great work! 10/10

David1125 - Top reviewer May 22 2017
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She considers this one of her best, and I completely agree. She just soaks the kitchen floor! Also love how it drips all over from her thighs when she moves. That must be heaven to be there when she squirts!

shimipan_oni - Top reviewer May 21 2017
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This vid starts off amazing and just goes up from there. She starts off with her apron, a little red thong, and a heart buttplug in. She isn't kidding when she says she squirts a lot... Her hands, ass, and a good portion of the floor get covered. If you're reading this, just get it already. You'll thank me later.

normancrowe23 May 4 2017
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Super hot, especially if you're into squirting!

Sasuke9211 - Top reviewer Apr 29 2017
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Wearing just an apron is definitely an amazing fantasy I have but what puts this video over the top is the amazing natural lighting and the mess she makes with all the squirting.

Shadow_ovo - Top reviewer Apr 25 2017
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mmmm a mess i would want to lick clean

cw1111 Dec 2
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Holy fuck, this is the hottest and most amazing video I've ever seen. She's a squirt queen and the most gorgeous girl in Canada, not a bad combo! :)

Porfi01 - Top reviewer Oct 11
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Love a woman who knows her way around the kitchen, and one who also squirts! best of both right here! Such a naughty girl!!!

alex11812822 deleted - Top reviewer Aug 12
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Super hot squirting video, really wet and sexy :)

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So at first I figure we're just gonna be hanging out, and that's cool, but then I realize you're definitely taking this to the next level, and so you did, May I say? every time I watch this video, it makes me want to get down on that floor with you, and slide around,,,,,, i'm just so glad I got to see that, thank you so very much for making it, I literally can get it out of my head

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This is the first squirting movie I saw from "lilcanadiangirl", amazing shots of squirt!!!!!
Super hot movie! Definately recommend!

I tease you in my little apron with a buttplug in. Then I lick my fingers to stick in my pussy and squirt like crazy. I squirt and squirt all over this floor. I take off my apron and am completely nude...More fingering and more squirting.. Just a whole lotta squirt in general. Im literally dripping and sliding around in it :O I consider this one of my best videos..me likey