Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday

Guided Masturbation Instructions

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This session is about YOU. You are the lucky one enough to receive masturbation instructions and encouragement from Amedee Vause! I know that in your pants your cock twitches every time you hear my sexy voice. Don't keep it in your pants, put it out, we have a plan about how to play with it! Take it slow at first, we don't want to intimidate your cock. Put it slowly out of your underwear! Well, ok. Now take it with one hand and rub it softly. Squeeze it a bit, every time I raise my voice. Just to feel it with your cock too. I want you to feel my sexy voice, like a balm, like a lubricant making your rubbing easier and smoother. I want to see it up, as hard as a stone. Can you do that for me? Wait, we'll do that together, step by step. You'll jerk it off faster now, enough with the caressing and soothing. Be a real man now and show me what you've got down there. I love hard cock and I love them more and more when I'm the cause of the raising :)) Change the hand, continue by rubbing it up and down. Don't even think about cumming! If you're about to cum or really near I want you to take a short brake, then proceed to continue. You won't cum if I don't allow it! And I also want you to be a nice guy too and give me your cum only when I ask for it. It's enough that I permit you to pleasure yourself and for this you should kiss my feet! So much freedom for one perverted individual! Jack it off faster now!Take a look at my gorgeous boobs, you'd surely want to spend some time between them, wouldn't you? Yeah, that's good, do it faster. I can feel your penetrating look, moving all around my body like a bunch of ants. I know I'm attractive darling, you don't need to say it again :) Come on, wank it now, concentrate! Because NOW you are allowed to cum! We'll count together from 10 to 1 and.....guess what, you'll cum