The Virgin Lux Three Way

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372 5.0
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such a hot threesome between 3 hot girls! you get to watch each one of them cum and teach Lux just how to eat a girl out!

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This film features some of my Favorite models! The soft tones throughout show off the beauty of each model in a magnificent way. The story starts off with LittleJay talking about how she sucked a cock in a glory hole. They keep talking about naughtier and naughtier things until Lux makes a confession: She's never been with a girl before! The girls visibly get excited, and firmly decide that they should help Lux get rid of her lesbian virginity. They take turns with a pipe to ease lux's nerves, and their smoking is casual, fun, and sensual all at once. Lux is relaxed quickly, and they begin taking turns with each other. I don't want to give too much away, but their exploratory teaching game is full of loud sexy moans, close up girl on girl oral, fucking, and several happy endings that are sure to please!

LittleJay, Lux, and Miss Jane are having a girl's night with a fun and cozy sleepover. They start their night off with a game of Never Have I Ever. As the girls share their conquests, Lux shares that she has never ever been with another girl. LittleJay and Miss Jane are stunned! How has she never experienced such an amazing thing! They load a bowl to help relax lux, and then teach her all of the things ladies do behind closed doors