Brother Has A Girlfriend Now

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I come home for a few days when I have the time, my schedule is very busy these days with college and my part time job and so on. But I enjoy very much any time spent home, especially with my brother. We shared so many things together starting from a very young age! We had our first sexual experiences together, being little but wanting to know each other's body like a fantasy map, full of mysterious and eerie places... We discovered masturbation together, he showed me his porn magazines and favorite clips on the internet when we were and tried a lot of things inspired by the porn we watched or the magazines we used to read like some holy books. It was our secret life, undisturbed by the environment or nosy friends, we skipped through all that and now, suddenly, what I considered always a minor threat apparently has took the attention and beautiful eyes of my brother. A simple hoe, the kind who fucks the entire basketball team got under the skin of my brother, made him stupid promises and offered him her pitiable vagina and mouth... And now he looks like he's bewitched forever! I never considered any girl to be a threat, because I'm his sister, and you can't replace that even if you try to! Apparently I don't have a place in his heart anymore, he's texting all day long, keeping his eyes glued to his phone and not paying any attention to me at all. And I dressed up nicely for him too! Well, I'll make him notice my presence, it's impossible to forget our great experiences together, nothing can replace that! So, while he's busy with that bitch I carefully open his pants and take his cock out. He was not even hard when I open his pants, saying that he has a "real" girlfriend now. He starts protesting (he doesn't want a blowjob from the kindest person to him in this world, his sister, do you realize now that his mind is completely twisted by that bitch?) but I know my business. And I also know what he adores, and I also know how much I missed his cock, rubbing it, having it in my sisterly mouth.... He is a little reluctant at first but I see him relaxing, moaning (even if he denies it every time), having fun and fucking my mouth and throat, in the manner that he likes most. I wanted to fuck him, but he was quicker, he just asked me and in the next moment I was opening wide my legs for my beloved brother. My cunt really felt alone without his presence, so I had like two orgasms in a row, while he was fucking me hard. We have, however, a rule: he never cums inside me. So he pulled it out and I rubbed it until he squirted a big load of cum on my boobs and skirt. Our story will never be written by someone else, brother