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Long Distance Love

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194 5.0
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My heart is still racing. Aly painted a better picture than any artist I've ever seen (I might be exaggerating). This was 20X better than I thought it was going to be. I'd classify this video under my favorite type; the type where it's the closest to having sex you can get without being in the same room. Which is what the video title implies anyway. Her every detail I imagined. I hinged on her every word. Makes me even think she dipped into her personal well to come up with this scenario so that she was not only acting but reliving something herself. Also it should be noted that Aly has the kind of nipples you can legitimately grab with your fingers, which is something I don’t see that often. There are little to no edits so it all feels very much real time, as if you were on Skype together. Her voice is so sexy and since the video has very little explicit content, except for a little here and there, you concentrate on her voice and focus on those lips. And when she gets close to the camera all the better. And since Aly loves when I mention her makeup, I like how natural it was with only the lipstick drawing the eye. This is a video I will be revisiting often. And next time I'll watch it with my eyes closed and just listen. I got this deal as part of her buy one get one of equal or lesser value with review promotion. But if I were you I'd get four for the price of two. No such thing as too much Aly.

This video is a love letter, from a lonely girlfriend to her boyfriend. She says how long she's missed him, and recounts the last time they made love. She gets so into the story, she grabs her hitachi and plays while she talks dirty and reaches and orgasm with you! This video is mostly shot from a beautiful agony style upper body shot, with occasional full body views and teases! Enjoy
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