Freebie Tuesday

Schoolgirl Smoking

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I hope Mom won't find I used her perfume, and, more important than this, I hope she won't find the secret I try desperately to hide with perfume: the simple fact that I smoke would be unbearable for my mother, would contradict her principles and the manners she thinks I have. Well, I will not be the one to shatter her little world, based on projections and expectations. Well, it would be a total surprise for her to hear that her young daughter smokes and has live conversations in dubious chat rooms with strangers who pay her in bitcoins and she uses the money for buying more cigarettes, what an unbelievable chain on events! :)) I am proud of my sexuality, I don't hide my high appetite for sex, even cyber-sex, I like to be seen and appreciated for my big boobs or DeepThroat skills on long dildos. Mother has no idea and I think that's better for both of us, however, she wouldn't understand why I feel the urge to masturbate in the morning "in front of a" stranger (through a web-cam, indeed). I don't make a norm from my sexual adventures, but I don't consider them abnormal at all. It's my pleasure to play with my body and I really wet myself to the simple thought that a lot of people will see me naked playing with myself while smoking, just like the naughty schoolgirl I am &gt