Fondle My Boobs

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I've always been proud of my big boobs. They became big since early school, and all the boys were looking at my Big Beauties! I can still remember the way they were looking at me: intense, trying to see what's beyond/under my clothes, their looks were fondling my boobs. So I like very much to have my boobs caressed in this way, when someone uses his hands to touch them, to squeeze them, to simply keep them tight, oh, it's so pleasant for me! I even feel pleasure thrills on my back, I moan and want more, play with my boobs! We have this in common: we both love my boobs. I wear a red t-shirt and he fondles them though the t-shirt at first but then he wants to feel them on his bare hands, and I want my tits free, so I drop out of the t-shirt. I just love the feeling of somebody's gentle hand on my titties, it's a experience that I recommend to anybody who has big tits and a horny boyfriend. It feels amazing