The Perfect Genes - Impregnation

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1,117 5.0
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This clip includes: POV, girl from bar doesn't want to fuck you but wants you to fill her up with your seed, tons of impregnation talk, masturbation encouragement, JOI, jerk off instruction, virtual sex, simulated creampie, breeding, insemination, ovulating, pregnant** The blond tugs on your hand, guiding you into her bedroom, and drunkenly tilts her head back to finish the rest of her wine. You just met Nikki at the bar, and she seemed awfully eager to take you back to her place. "You are a hottie," she says smiling as she runs her hands up her flawless body. "You like what you see?" You try to hand her a condom to get things started, but she's not interested in fucking you. "We won't be needing this," she says tossing the condom aside. However, Nikki does let you know, and quite bluntly, that she wants you to impregnate her. "I'm not your typical bar girl," she sweetly tells you. "I would really, really LOVE to have your bab.ies inside of me." She stuffs a pillow underneath her dress and happily begins rubbing her tummy, telling you how cute she'd look with a big belly. With your good looking, perfect genes, Nikki knows she'll make the most beautiful baby. "You're gonna grab your cock and work yourself up to it," she tells you. She encourages you to jerk off, letting you know how much she wants you to implant your seed inside of her. When you're getting ready to burst, she lies down, spreads her legs, and you thrust deep inside of her. Nikki moans with pleasure as you fill her up with your huge, warm load. "Let's see how good you did," she smiles, allowing her fingers to dabble in your warm cum. Satisfied, she wiggles her body to make sure your sperm gets all the way inside of her, and then dismisses you since she no longer has a use for you