Kendra the bad babysitter


VV Fetish and Femdom

American / Tampa, Florida
8:07 min - Apr 19 - .AVI - 196.30 MB


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Kendra Lynn has a spandex fetish. She is babysitting but not expecting the mom home for another few hours. Kendra is on the bed with multiple pairs of sexy, soft spandex she found in the mom's bedroom. She's smelling them and rubbing them all over her body when all of the sudden the mom comes home early and catches her. Kendra admits that she likes the smell of her boss's spandex. Kendra's boss decides to fire Kendra but before she does she decides that since Kendra likes to steal and smell her spandex she would satisfy her craving. The mom sits right on kendras face in multiple ways. Kendra is struggling and making a lot of noise so her boss places her hands over Kendra's mouth to shut her up before more ass trapping and face sitting on her with her spandex on. Her boss switches between hand over mouth and trapping Kendra with her spandex ass before firing her and kicking her out