Seduce my student to impregnate me

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181 4.0
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rdubbs96 Oct 26
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The plot was fun and the dirty talk was exceptional.

I go to my student's home with his notes for the week for a special tutoring session since he was home sick and needs some help to catch up with the class. He is my favorite student and deserves some one on one attention. Happy that we ended up in the house alone I suggest we set up on the bed. He is a VERY naughty boy and things quickly heat up. Sucking his cock as I give him my pussy and ass to tease and please I convince him to fuck me even though we do not have protection. "It's okay baby I promise it's a safe time. Oh Ya...cum in your teacher's pussy baby and of course he trusts me and gives it to me. I then confess to him that he is a very special student and I have chosen him specifically because he really is the perfect daddy for the baby I am quite certain we just made