Inside Giantess Cunt


Julia Jordan

American / USA
15:26 min - Apr 17 - .MP4 - 370.12 MB


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Giantess is in a good mood and very horny as well, so she intend to play with her little man. First she strips for him which gets her hornier and she lays on the couch, orders him to climb up and explore her giant body - her tits, cunt, belly, ass...She gets so horny and wet that she decides to use him as a toy. She orders him to come between her legs and touches her cunt lips and clit, she wants him closer, between those huge cunt lips...and even closer, she wants him to enter her cunt! The tiny guy slides into her wet giant cunt and fucks it with his whole body! Giantess moves her ass and cunt ending in an epic orgasm! The little guy is almost dead after her orgasm. She stands up and he falls down on the floor out of her cunt. He is almost dead now, but the giantess got one more surprise for him that will probably revive him - she has a huge golden shower on him! The guy survives it and she orders him to climb the couch again and sits right on him with her wet ass