Controlling My Daughter

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I recently discovered this new app which permits you to completely control your daughter. It was meant probably for unruly daughters, who refuse to do their homework and spend time in clubs dancing with strangers. My daughter, I could say, is exactly the opposite: always busy reading or studying something, doing her homework quietly, she doesn't come home with boys and doesn't spend nights away from home. Perfect daughter! I always admired her maturity, her seriousness, ever since she was little she acted like a miniature adult. She's also very dreamy, has an interesting halo, and she's attractive and distant in the same time. Her eyes are big and and she has a piercing look. Also she looks more, even if she is just out off adolescence. I've always been attracted to this type of woman, detached, independent and, above all, very beautiful and superior. I have admit, I've been attracted by my own daughter for a long time now, but never I let myself to show it openly because it would be odd and inappropriate, and I want to have a good relationship with my daughter. I won't let physical attraction to change our good relationship. I've found ways to please myself without letting my daughter observe it: peeking on her after a shower, when she's changing her clothes, and most of all while she is not awake. But today everything is going to be different! This app guarantees that there will be no memories, just like , and I really wanna let all my erotic fantasies flow out of my mind and into reality! I've always imagined her sucking my cock: now I can make her actually do it, just like this: telling her to open her beautiful mouth and putting my pulsating cock into it! Oh, I even discovered that she manages DeepThroat very well, I will think about this later (where the fuck she learned it from?) now I just wanna enjoy the moment. And the moment is extraordinary, she sucks my cock exactly how I tell her to do it, then I tell her to sit doggy-style and I fuck her lil' pussy from behind. What a sweet daughter, what a treasure I was keeping under my roof without even knowing it! She has short moments when she wakes from that numbness, but they are really short and vague, and she forgets immediately what happened and why she's naked. It's funny! I can do whatever I want with my daughter! I cum on her, covering her tits in cum, wetting her skirt and waistcoat and she still believes she spilled some water on herself! I'm going to hell for this... P.S. - Darlings, this clip contains a whole lot of DeepThroat action, so go for it