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Smoking Poems

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I think a woman is very sexy when she reads poetry. Or smokes. Or both, why not? I think one good way of reaffirming your womanhood is to voice some valuable literature while you're smoking artistically... You could say it's a manner to crave for attention, but I don't crave for it, I just know it exists, as a response at my attitude and style. I've chosen a poem exactly on this topic, feminism and openly embracing your sexuality. The poem is named "Phenomenal Woman" and it's written by Maya Angelou. Did you know that Maya Angelou worked as a sex worker at some point in her past? I was surprised to hear, pleasantly surprised! I believe that my femininity lays in the way I choose to live, in the way I keep my hair or I look into your eyes. It's something natural, we shouldn't do anything to stop it, we should be proud it manifests! You'll see me from different angles, my camera man got creative in this video :)) You'll surely like cadence of voice, my arched back and full sight of my boobs while your ears are delighted by the beautiful poem. I smoke, blowing large clouds of smoke in your face and in the air. I guess I'll never quit cigarettes... I like them so much