Freebie Tuesday

Summoning A Succubus

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914 5.0
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Itstp709 Jun 16
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If you haven't seen any before, Kitty LeRoux's characters are excellent. She puts her passion to allow that draw into without feeling too phony. This is tagged with a Femdom and she excels in that role. In that role she serves as a seductress that is incredible positive in a break from the overwhelming standards of D/s media. Too many times a Femdom is just putting down the other party (certainly extremely out of proportion of typical D/s dynamics). While she is in control she does so in a manner that builds up and makes her subject feel wanted. Everyone could use more positive affirmation, don't you agree?

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I once had a dream about being trapped in a room with a succubus. This video reminded me of that dream and how it was so hot. Kitty is so hot in this, very aggressive and seductive AF!

dorkknight - Top reviewer May 28
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Succubus Kitty can visit me any time! Kitty nails the part of a sexy, horny demon. As you would expect, she looks mouth-wateringly hot with her big tits on full display. Her naughty mouth is at it again too. I don't know how she does it, but she knows exactly what to say to make me cum HARD. Can a succubus read thoughts? Maybe that's the answer. lol. Another great Kitty characters that I'd love to see in future vids!!

MVCUSTOMER deleted - Top reviewer Apr 26
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Oh, hello there cutie. Don't be scared, you summoned me..remember? much energy coming from you..I can almost taste your cum from here. You know, only really horny boys summon a succubus to milk them dry. There's no use resisting, cutie. Take it out. It wouldn't be nice to invite a girl over for dinner and not feed her...and I'm starving. Mmmm..look how hard it is, I think it wants to go inside, don't you? I'm going to take your fresh cum. My first meal from you; I definitely won't forget this. Oh, we're not done yet. This clip includes: light female domination, succubus, makeup, role play, monster girl, pov cowgirl, jerk off instruction, masturbation encouragment, wigs, devil, lingerie, big tits, supervillain, cosplay, seduction, magic, gfd, this succubus isn't out to hurt you, but she's aggressive and seductive as fuck