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Licking Hello Kitty

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Hi darlings! How are you today? I'm super happy because I found this lollipop that looks like Hello Kitty and it's super tasty! I didn't know that it would be so tasty when I bought it and now I realize I should've bought more! It has green apple flavor and I really adore apples! How do they say? An apple s day keeps the doctor away? I think it works with such a tasty lollipop also. I just want to lick it all day long! I know that you were expecting this, that you wanna see my pink soft tongue licking things and you're staying there, in front of the screen playing with your imagination and not only with you imagination... :)) I can't stop talking about how tasty the lollipop is, I don't even have enough patience to lick it and I bite a little bit of Hello Kitty's ear! It was simply delicious! I wear a pink t-shirt but you'll see my boobs quite fast, I just can't keep my clothes on when I'm being observed like you do now. I love attention, as much I love lollipops