Captured Slave Humiliated and Bound 2



Canadian / Canada
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Originally a custom video commission, but no names were used. Get in touch if you would like your own. I'm bound to the toilet in expensive nylons, garter belt, stilettos and velvet top. I'm starting to get tired from struggling and slump over the bowl, unable to find a comfortable position. I complain to my captor that I'm thirsty and he cruelly grabs my hair and shoves it down the dirty toilet bowl, giving me some water. He asks if I would like fresh water, and inadvisably I say yes, and he flushes the toilet, submerging my head with rushing water, giving me a swirlie. I am bound, dripping and humiliated, continuing my struggles to escape my relentless bonds. I slump, resigned and dripping over the bowl, my ass in the air